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Our Community Partnership


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Our Professional Consultancy


S.W. Shek


- She provides professional company registration, accounting, auditing, taxation and business consultancy.


- at UNO Central: every Monday (10:30-17:30) 



C.Y. Poon


- He provides intellectual property related consultation in the following industries: metal, construction materials, electronics, lighting, furniture, leather goods, watches, garment, import and export agents, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, financial services, finance companies, IT, retail and wholesale storeautomobile, jewelry, wine, restaurants, department stores, education, creative industries, mobile game etc.


- at UNO Central: every Tuesday & Thursday (09:00-16:00) 


T.H. Ng


- He provides professional consulting services for over 50 companies in different industries for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000 


- need appointment for consultation




In order to further extent our arms to better serve the entrepreneurs in the region ,UNO Co-Working Space is proactively looking for strategic partners in the following aspects:


Landlord Partnership 


Objective: Add value to your premises and increase your leasing revenue


We are keen to work along with property owners who carry a vision and wish to cultivate a stable and up surging business in their premises. Planting in UNO concepts and business model will definitely help in raising more than 40% of their leasing returns comparing to the market rate.


Corporate Partnership


Objective: Penetrating into local SME communities for more business resources


Business corporations which look for opportunities in connecting with various kinds of SMEs and local communities can utilize UNO Co-Working Space’s resources via close partnership. There are plenty of rooms for business activities such as marketing functions, project outsourcing or even direct service / product offerings


Community Partnership 


Objective: Grow and nurture a better networking culture for communities


As to expand the variety of our entrepreneurship events, as well as networking functions; we are seeking for co-operation with local business communities, social network groups, and also different NGOs. By deploying our convenient locations and local networks, we tend to become your reliable event partner.