UNO is positioned as a “Business Enabler” for entrepreneurs and start-up business in Hong Kong. In UNO, we dedicated to deliver a brand new “office user” experience to our business members which definitely beyond their imagination.


With a revolutionary concept of maximizing the utilization of business resources, UNO provides not only well furnished office environment to our members, but also multiple meeting and event locations, opportunities for business networking and collaboration.



Our name, UNO stands for our core values and believes:


U : stands for “Unity”, we provide one-stop-shop service to enable our members to initiative their business at ease.


N: stands for “Networks”on the top of extensive business connections, UNO also brings you the resources, knowledge and expertise to facilitate business development.


O: stands for “Offices”, we bring you a strong back up with new definition of office space with  comfortable working environment,  multiple working locations, as well as excellent facilitates.


“UNO is more than an ordinary office, wider than a co-working place”, because we would organize different activities for our members to develop themselves in different aspect.  UNO Co-working Space is an excellent space to give members the mobility and flexibility to start up and extend their business.